About Fireworks In The Night

Fireworks In The Night is a literary magazine devoted to giving homes to stories that don't quite fit in magazines with more specific themes. There are many amazing stories that are rejected from other journals because they simply aren't a fit. These are the submissions we want to publish. Our only requirement is guided by our name: We want to publish stories that are electric, bright, exciting, and entirely unique, much like a firework show.
Our second focus is giving a platform to teen authors. While we accept submissions from all ages, the magazine was founded with an understanding of the limited places teens are given to boost their work to a wider audience, so their stories will always come first. Teens write quality, creative, expressive, and sometimes heart wrenching work that everyone needs to read.
Fireworks is published in a unique format that allows each piece to stand alone and be individually digested and appreciated. Thanks to the freedom of the internet journal format, we can utilize this unique distribution to tell stories that might not fit other places, ultimately creating an island of beautiful, misfit stories as unique as the people who write them.
We hope you feel encouraged to try submitting. You can view our submission guidelines here.