A Note From The Editor

I want this post to give you an idea of what Fireworks in the Night is about at its core, better than any third person overview could. If you've read my editor bio already, you know that on top of being in school, I'm very involved in the literary community. I'm an author working to finally finish my first novel. I'm also a blogger, running and growing my site, Reading, Writing, And Me, which gives me a place to talk about all the wonderful YA books that I read. Honestly, all of these things are indulgences. Getting to write keeps me both happy and sane.
While the blog is a wonderful venue for my book passion, and I've become a part of an amazing community of people who share my interests, I never felt like I found that for my short form creative writing. Though I've placed in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and been published online and in print, many of the stories I write don't fall in the neat boxes that are required for major publications. That doesn't mean I love the stories any less or don't want to share them. These are some of my favorite and best quality work.
I wondered what to do with all those stories and the feelings I had about them for a while. The result is Fireworks In The Night. Fulfilling my dream of starting a literary magazine to give homes to my stories and others, I'm so excited to start this journey, being able to open the submission doors internationally because everyone's work deserves a place to be recognized.
I look forward to reading the stories that were too honest, too gritty, too different, or just not a great fit for the conventional spaces in the writing community, which are especially limited for teens. Sharing my stories alongside amazing works of other authors, connecting our words and communities, comes together to make my ultimate passion project.
I can't wait to hear what you have to say,
Editor in Chief